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Starjammer: Core Rules $14.95
by Simon H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/04/2017 00:09:50

Maybe 4.5 rather then 5 but, eh, close enough and calling it 4 would be petty. My main complaint, a little light on some setting suggestions and examples and a little light on possible mix and comparison with high tech versus magic even after they mention it. However, like I said those are petty complaints and they do an excellent job of giving you an up to date set of tools and examples on how to bring space back to pathfinder based systems. Honestly I'd probably not even harp on those little niggles so much if things weren't so slender on this subject matter right now, this feels a lot like complaining someone isn't including the whole Monster manual in the GM guide book. In any case this is definetly worth buying if your interested in doing space or galactic empires in your pathfinder based game and aren't just going to handwave it as 'a space wizard sends you between planets.'

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Starjammer: Core Rules
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