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Ascendant Destiny - Digital
by Lewis P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/12/2018 13:12:57

The game system is interesting, and looks like it develops well to higher levels.

Having spent a while generating characters and running mock combat to test it, when I start a game I'm going to give everyone I think 20 more freebie points at character creation. The suggested starting points are really tight if you want to do anything much beyond "I'm an archer" or "I'm a sorcerer" or "I'm a shaman" and giving the extra freebie points lets you start as, in effect a mutli-classed character, or as a more rounded single aspect character (you can't really start as a bow+pet ranger for example, unless you play as a goblin to get the extra freebies, or you give up a lot of feats and skills compared to a straight archer).

[Deleted comment about poor indexing after publisher improved it]

The system itself is an interesting take on buckets of d10 and DC. Instead of the number of successes, you take your highest roll, add bonuses for high rolls on other dice to end with a total. If this beats the DC, or is higher than the opponent's total, you win. Seems to work nicely. As I've mentioned above, the game is set up to let you extend to higher "levels" relatively easily and become deity-impact players. It's hard to see how that works in practise because I don't have the experience to work out if what I'm doing is sensible but it seems to work smoothly. A fully specced out Orc Shaman-Berserker with stats and skills in appropriate areas at 9-10 (which makes them a major god really) can really kick out the damage in a variety of ways, and take it, striking everyone around them in single round, leaving them frozen while using the earth or fire to enhance their blows. And that's before they get really nasty... A starting character (even with the extra choices I'd give them) would not be able to achieve this, but they can plot! You are talking endgame, anyone with serious magic can do something similar, through whatever route, if they pick up some combat skills they can do crazy stuff from there too.

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Ascendant Destiny - Digital
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Creator Reply:
Thank you for you great review Lewis. This game has over 15 years of play-testing from basic level all the way to epic so you'll find that it's exciting and balanced all the way through. It's my personal style for starting characters to have slightly-less-than fully rounded characters to begin with. For me it makes the advancement all the more exciting! There is no problem though with starting characters having more freebie points (or starting experience - see chapter 12). If you find problems, you want to make suggestions or you just want to discuss Ascendant Destiny then by all means please let me know! You can get in contact with me at
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